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The Gift
"So much for a warm welcome from the locals" Paul muttered as he looked at the stain on his trousers that the red-haired man left in his epileptic fit.  Paul removed his trousers and looked as they collapsed to the floor like dead sagging flesh. The stain was facing up at Paul in all of its brackish glory. The stain had a tinge of what appeared to be blood which couldn't be possible because the red-haired man wasn't bleeding. After a second of hesitation, Paul lifted up the pants and took them to the sink of his little bathroom. In the bathroom Paul grabbed one of the miniature bottles of shampoo to try and remove the stain. "Of all the people I end up sitting with I get the one who decides to puke." Paul groaned as he began to run the cold water. With washcloth in hand, he began to try and scrub the stain off the pants. Paul tried cold water, hot water, he even tried a little bit of his bleach that he bought for his whites. "Damn stain won't come out." Paul snarled after he
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I thought I've earned my answers from
I have nothing to hide
I lay it all before you
Every breath that I take
Every second I waste
Crying and begging
Wanting an answer spoken to my face
Why do I feel I am being judged by you
You say you have nothing to hide
When will I get an answer from you?
I don't feel the same anymore
Trying to avoid all the glares
I know that we haven't been the same
Ever since you've spoken her name
I've earned my answers from you
What else must I do?
You are out of my reach
I thought I had control
Why did everything have to change
I use to feel like I was flying
Now I am
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My name is Killian O'Riley. I am of Irish decent and I planned on immigrating to what is left of the United States after an earthquake in 2017 destroyed the west coast. More on that later that is, if there is later. You see, I am probably not going to be alive for much longer and in case you find this journal it means that I am dead.
I am writing down my thoughts and last days in case if anyone ever finds this journal. I hope that somebody will find it so I am not forgotten.
I made the decision to move to America after I lost almost everything to an outbreak of something which resembled the plague. Those of us who were not infected were suppose to be whisked away and out of the nation before us too, fell to the flesh eating disease.
The military separated us into two camps days after the infection killed off thirty percent of the population. There was a camp for those who were not infected and one for those who were. I was in the camp that was still alive and clean. In total t
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The oath that I shall take renders my heart yours to break
My heart has always been yours anyways
Especially when you look at me with those eyes
And speak to me in that enticing voice

Take care of my heart
For I don't want it to break
For it is finally exiting a fragile state
Fear of getting hurt again was so unbearable
Yet you love me anyway

We've been through so much
Which has brought us even closer
I don't want anything to break our bonds
Which we forged together

You never fail to make me smile
Even when I feel lower than down
Especially when I am in pain
You always make it fade
When it feels like we have nothing
We always have our love
No matter what people say
Money can't buy love
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Is This
Is this goodbye?
Could this be farewell?
I cannot answer the questions
Which you always ask
I tie the knots on the noose I make
Breathing each breath as it may be my last
Feeling the apprehension grow deeper in my bones
The sweat dampen my brow
My heart quickens
Banging hard against my ribs now
Is this goodbye?
Could this be farewell?
I wish I could be the one to tell
Dreaming that you meant the words you said
Instead they were lies
Dripped in venom which entered my veins
Don't say a word
Don't say goodbye
You were the one who lied
Is this goodbye?
Could this be farewell?
I still have secrets that I could reveal
Yet they won't matter
Because the truth was never real
I light the candles now
Waiting for you to appear
Still hearing my heart beat
Feeling the dread slick on my skin like silk
The house is quiet like a tomb
When shall you enter the room?
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Don't let my love for you be mistaken for weakness
Don't confuse my musing for neglect
Truth from you is what I yearn
Which seems to be too much to ask
Please don't hide behind a mask
I know the person you are now
Is different from the one you were before
I can't force you to feel
Yet what I feel for you is real
I cry in sorrow deep in night
I try to push the insecure thoughts away
Into the dark abyss
They show back up in dead of night
You've made promises that I pray you keep
Hoping and dreaming that they are real
Not some kind of smoke and mirrors
Am I in need of pulling the curtain
Hiding the man behind the machine
Can I be certain that this isn't all a dream
This is a scheme thought up by an ill mind
I am getting sick from biding my time
Whenever you decide to be with me on a whim
Getting tired of all the games being played
Don't want any more time to be wasted
Tired of tears being shed
All the grief being built up in my heart
This is all but tearing me apart
Sick of being afraid o
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Barnabus blacklight :iconmooglepirate9:MooglePirate9 4 0
Heart pounding ever so faster
I am the master of my own disaster
Shivers of expectation
Feeling the fetid breath of a dying nation
Seeing the blood on my hands
Watching the burning of  our motherland
The earth quakes fits asunder
I fight not to become another
Another bound by fear
Ich weiß, tief in mir
(I know deep inside me)
That no fear shall overwhelm
For I am the master at the ship's helm
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Rage Within
Anger  beyond belief
Why do I go through all this grief
Hoping and wanting a change
Yet getting the same anyways
I can scream and swear
Can hang myself and kick the chair
Yet nothing will change all the rage
That is forcing itself out the cage
Rasping on the door to my soul
With bloodied fingers alive and cold
Let it in or let it be
Embrace it and let it run free
Let it become a part of me
Or hide it and lock it away
From the light of day
Yet it still wants to rear its ugly head
How can I kill it and make it dead
When it is a part of my being
This primal urge controlling without seeing
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Color Burn
Trapped between dream and reality
Struggling in the curtain helplessly
Light forcing its way through the dark
Piercing blinding pure and stark
I try to lift up but cannot start
Darkness tries to encircle my heart
I hear pounding coming from the shadows
Turning to see where the pounding's from
I open my eyes to vision clear
The darkness disappeared after being so near
Yet the colors are gone
Colors have been bled to grey
Making the world a façade of fey
I turn and see you
With your eyes still blue
Standing next to me
Both still wondering how can this be
I start to grasp your hand
Taking all the comforting I can
Yet the color remains on your skin
What is this abomination
How did all of this begin
The only light which I see
Is bright white shining on me
I close my eyes hoping for colors to return
Instead of looking like a color burn
Surveying the grey of the land
The hills which roll on the span
Trying to paint the colors with my mind
Hoping that the colors will bind
I open my mouth
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I close my eyes feeling my heart beat
Growing faster with each step we take
Would my heart explode if our hands were to meet?
There is no mistake you complete me
My sweetness this is no lie
These feelings I cannot deny
My hopes soaring high
Till they are just a glimmer in my eyes
Your hands so strong wrap around mine
My heart says this is right
We are doing this tonight
Put your arms around me
Tell me that you love me
Say that you need me
My heart is yours forever and always
Till the end of days
Until we take our dying breath
Until the Sun swallows the Earth
Whichever comes first
Your kiss is so sweet
With it I feel complete
Which is no small feat
My heart is pounding harder
Seems to be on the verge of breaking through
I don't care if it does as long as I have you
Hold me close
Hold me tight
Your heart is racing along with mine
There is no denying
With you I am flying
Put your arms around me
Tell me that you love me
Say that you need me
My heart is yours forever and always
Till the end
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Close the door
Light the candles
That are strewn about the floor
Hope for one more
Just one more night you can handle
Wishing for someone to keep the dark away
To be a light in a world so grey
Light a candle for me
I will be there you will see
I will prevent the walls from closing in
Stop the blackness  from seeping in again
I will hold you close to my breast
Feel the cadence of your breath
I will protect you in the night
Fight off the demons to make everything right
Listen to the beating of my heart
I promise we will never be apart
Judge you is something I'll never do
Because I will always love you
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someone behind me :iconmooglepirate9:MooglePirate9 0 0
Mature content
Killian :iconmooglepirate9:MooglePirate9 1 3
Take this collar off my throat
For you cannot prevent or choke
The words that are about to be spoke
Even though the spikes still poke
Remove these chains that bind
The ball and chain I am leaving behind
I am not some mindless drone
Too scared to be left alone
Batter my body abuse me still
You cannot break my will
You think that you know
Yet there are things I have yet to show
I know you will pay the fee
To see the darker side of me
Thinking you can overpower
Trying to in the darkest hour
Even as I start to bleed
The other side starts to feed
Building up to a resounding crescendo
A rushing flood doubt you would know
Feels like the heat of a flame
Yes you are the one to blame
Putting me in this position
Throwing me into this prison
There is so much more
Behind that locked emotional door
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newest and my favorite works


Wow, been a while since I've done one of these.
Tagged by :iconagent-sarah:!
1. Mac or PC?
PC. I was spoiled by my college's nice Macs, but all I've ever had at home are PCs. It's an arrangement of extreme familiarity, with a great deal of bickering and the occasional blowout fights. We always come back to a peaceful co-existence, though.
2. Favorite game series?
Probably Pokemon, honestly. I like a lot of stand-alone games, but that's probably the only one in which I've played every canon incarnation. (I also like Disgaea and Fire Emblem. OH, and OBVIOUSLY, King's Quest! OH and Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. And Fable. To a lesser extent.)

3. Your favorite ice cream flavor?

Peanut butter and chocolate. Always. (Also birthday cake flavored ice cream, which I did not even know existed until relatively recently.) 

4. PC gamer or console gamer?

I play a lot more games on my 3DS and PSP, because then I can lie down while I play (back problems). So, console, I guess. Though I have more recently been playi
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Mortal Kombat Robad edition Page 1 :iconkreeders:kreeders 8 3
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Your Mistress Darling :iconslephoto:slephoto 79 6
When We Lay
Your breathing on my back
is like waves of contentment crashing
on the shore of my sleeplessness.
Hand resting lightly on my hip,
shifting slightly as you dream
dreams I will never see.
You smell like warmth and sleep
and the remnants of your perfume
wrapping me closely like the duvet.
Your chest rises and falls against my spine
a comforting rhythmic movement
of soft heat and soft hairs and closeness.
My inability to sleep forgotten,
I lay not-breathing, experiencing you
at your most innocent and vulnerable.
Do not wake. Sleep sweetly, my love
and dream dreams I will never see.
:iconquentinwrites:quentinwrites 2 2
This Is My Body
This is my body.
It has housed me since I left the comfort of my mother's womb, my skin has protected me as her body protected me while I developed. It has grown with me, alerted me to my sickness, rewarded my good health. It has carried me through the most painful of sensations and the most blissful of pleasures. With every movement I make my body works for me, with me. This body is perfectly created for its purpose; the legs and feet are stronger with every step I take forward, the arms grow to carry more every day with all extra loads impacted on them. My body renews itself when it is injured, the skin and bones healing themselves in an amazing way that no machine ever will.
My body is shaped like nobody else's body; we are all different and no-one in the world has a body exactly like mine. My body has curves and dips and dimples, my stomach, thighs and buttocks are large and round and soft, my hands slightly worn, my skin scarred by the experiences of my life. My body is the
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Associates degree in graphic design. Heading onto earning bachelors. I write in my spare time it is mostly poems and short stories.


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